Monday, September 26, 2011

Save on Meats, not so cheap after all.

I'm a total sucker for old school classic comfort food, so I was happy to hear Save-On Meats was re-opening. I had already been there for dinner but my friend hadn't tried it yet so we headed down for lunch. We shared the chocolate shake, tomato soup and biscuit, tuna melt and opened face roast chicken sandwich. It's definitely diner food, no fancy plating but also not as greasy as some joints. We were pretty happy when the bill came, exclaiming "this is SO cheap!". Walking back to the car it took me half a second before I realized my car was no longer there. Actually slightly amused and in aw of my stupidity I realized I parked in a spot that towed after 3:00 pm. I'm pretty sure I was so excited for lunch I plugged the meter and neglected to read the signage around me. A 30 minute walk and we made it to the tow lot. I'm also pretty sure the people working there have never seen a happy customer in their life. In the end I calculated it out to be a $156.00 lunch and a regret that there could've at least been kahlua in that shake.

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