Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!


It's been awhile ol blog, it's been awhile. A year and 4 months to be precise and WOW a lot has happened since then! I'll have to talk about that another time because this post is about a man who reminded me about this little blog of mine.
 I was home for a visit last week and my dad was showing me the picture folders he keeps on his computer. Every single picture I have ever sent him from living on the West Coast was saved in a Laura folder. He then showed me his favorite website list and said "I still keep your blog on it and check every week hoping you will post something!". "REALLY!?" I said, secretly pleased, " I'm pretty sure you are the only one!". 
So this post right here, is dedicated to the most incredible father in the whole entire universe.

My Pops is the most intelligent, caring, selfless hard working man I know. Ask him ANY question and he will know the answer to it. If for some reason he doesn't, he will research it and within 3 hours you will have ten articles pertaining to your question, including examples, demos and videos. I'm still waiting to be questioned on how the pistons work in my car. I know I have that diagram he drew me somewhere..

For the 13 years I danced, he sewed all of my costumes. I can still remember him saying to my mom "do you know how hard it is to sew fringe and marabou fur onto a stretchy lycra one piece?!".

In culinary school he endured my trial runs to perfect my French/Asian inspired "Duck 2 Ways with Crispy Rice and Chinese Black Vinegar Gastrique" for a competition I was entering. For seven days straight he waited (hungry) but patiently for dinner which was usually ready around 9:00pm and was pretty much the SAME dish, just slightly tweaked.
Me: "What do you think of it today Pops?!"
Pops: "Ohhh it's goood! Tastes just like yesterday's.."
Me: " What, I tweaked the gastrique so it would be slightly less acidic, can't you tell?"  

When I worked at a bakery I had to be up at 3:30am, he would get up in -30 winter and take the train with me downtown to make sure I got to work safely, then walk the rest of the way to his office. There's not enough cupcakes in the world to pay him back. 

When I moved to Vancouver, after graduating from Nutrition school, I started my own catering company and my parents just so happened to be visiting at a very convenient time! I had taken on a catering event for 300 influential health practitioners. They helped transfer food, set up, prepped food and washed dishes.
 That event would not have happened without the help of my unbelievably incredible parents.  

Best salmon rosette maker I've ever had.
As I grow older there are so many things that become apparent to me. Realizing the qualities and traits I have gained from my father, how much I aspire to be like him, the unwavering support he has always given me and just how proud, appreciative and grateful I am that I get to call this man, MY DAD. Love you so very much.
 Happy Father's Day Pops.