Friday, April 30, 2010


I came across an old email that I had written to my mom and it made me smile. Our convos prettty much revolve around food. She is the reason for my love of it and reading this email reminded me of the drive, ideas and inspiration I felt going to work at the bakery. I feel thankful to be surrounded by friends and family who share (or put up) with my non stop chatter over everything and anything to do with food! Two things I am incredibly excited about that are coming out next week are my mom for a visit and the Trout Lake Farmers Market, I can't think of anything better.

Hey mom!
Sorry another really short email, just got home a bit ago from dinner at Gastropod! Had a good day at work, it was just me again and Isabel came down for a bit to make a couple things but I just cranked my ipod and baked today. Made a really good sourcream coffee cake with a crumble topping the other day, my croissants are turning out really good and today I made individual mushroom tarragon quiches with my tart pans that I brought into work. I also made the chocolate chunk brownie cookies I've been meaning to make at home but never got around to. Tomorrow I'm hoping to try making mini chocolate silk tarts but with just me in the bakery there is always too much to do! Gotta get to bed before I am exhausted for work tomorrow...can't wait to have tuesday off! I'm going to try and get a bang trim and do a little shopping, I havent gone shopping in foreverrrr! Hope you're having fun, oh I'm sure you will find this amusing....I have taken a liking to drinking soy lattes at work! That coffee (same one that I bought you) is SOO darn good!! I put a shot of hazelnut sweetener in it sometimes too. I toasted an ezekiel muffin this morning, and then scrambled an egg and egg white in the microwave with chopped roasted vegetables (that we use in our sandwiches) and put that in between, it was delish!
Anyways better get to bed, talk to you soon!
Lotsa love,