Wednesday, January 12, 2011


*Picture taken circa 2004 after our black box final exam (random box of ingredients where you have 1 hr to complete a dish with specific requirements such as turning a potato *see #5)

I have come to the conclusion:

1.There's a good chance Nat and Lil Mam are going to kill me for putting this picture up.

2. There's a good chance I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning, look at this and think what was I thinking putting this picture up.

3. I realize I look like I'm 12, that was 6 years ago so in actuality I was 20 at the time.

4. Why am I the only one out of the three of us wearing that darn neck tie.

5. Who would ever want to eat a potato or mushroom that I handled for a good 5 minutes. (Hand carved into a swirl pattern or barrel shape)

6. Why did they make us wear checkered pants that rode up so high and were so tight I had to leave them unbottoned. It's culinary school, it's a given you'll gain 10lbs, who makes pants so small?

Culinary Tour through Spain

Toledo, Spain

Banff Snowboard Trip

Christmas 2011- My nickname from the girls is Lola, when Nat traveled through Thailand she found a shirt in an outdoor market that said "Lola is turning 5, come celebrate, cake included!".

I met Amanda and Natasha in Culinary School and they are still two of my greatest friends. Though we all live in different cities whenever we get together there's not a second to breathe as we catch up on life and talk about anything and everything to do with food. (Usually over a couple bottles of wine and good food). Can't wait for our next adventure!


myovenandme said...

You went to a culinary school? Cool! :)

Jessica604 said...

gaaaah! Turned veggies! lol. I had to explain turned vegetables (potato / carrot / mushrooms) to someone who hadn't gone to culinary school. He actually appreciated the fact (because he loves little tidbits like that). It still brought back a little bit of a shudder since I never fully mastered the turned mushroom. ;p

Great girlfriends are one in a million. Unfortunately, I can't think of anyone from culinary school that I keep in touch with - not even annually. Doesn't help that some just disappeared, but we get updates every once in a while.

Laura said...

Jessica604: I hope to never turn another vegetable in my life.

I think maybe less than 10% that I graduated with are still in the industry? Shame but I get it, it's not for everyone.

You're so right about girlfriends!