Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Dinners

What do I miss the most about home? Family dinners. Hangin out with the fam and sitting around the kitchen table. I absolutely love cooking for my family just about as much as I love when they (well really my Ma or sis-in-law!) cook for me. So how do I not miss out on a part of this? SKYPE! Okay it's not exactly the same since I can't actually eat their delicious meals but don't feel too sorry for me because as I'm sure you can see, I don't eat too shabby myself :)
If I happen to be at my place eating and their sitting down for dinner at the same time, they'll prop their laptop where I would normally sit and we'll eat together. Yea yea go ahead, insert your (aww) here!

Speaking of family dinners, my family has always loved MEAT. Good ol' Alberta beef. This meal from a summer back consisted of bbq steak, beef ribs and kielbasa sausage (see that salad in the background? That would be my contribution!). However now that I've ingrained in them what their diet should consist of, they've cut back on their consumption of red meat.What's that bottle there? Bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that is extracted from pineapple and helps as a digestive aid when you consume things such as these protein rich caveman meals. Taking one of these pills and chewing my food (more on that another time) is how I don't walk (or roll) away feeling like I've eaten a rock!

Watching my mom blow out her birthday candles! Skype is genius. Now if only you could teleport cake through the computer...

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