Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santa

At the beginning of December friends and I have a Secret Santa gift exchange, we do dinner and then open presents.

It's pretty obvious to whoever gets me that I'm their Secret Santa. Last year I did a 3 course dinner for my friend, so everybody knows if I get you, you're gettin food!

Bachelor friends are pretty easy to please.
(I hid the tag but he knew as soon as he opened the cookies)

For dinner that night a bunch of us made food and brought it over (full post comin up). My friend Soph's the host sent me a message a few days before:
S: Hey, how can I combine potatoes with mac and cheese.
Me: Seriously?
Me: Well you could make mac and cheese, top it with mashed potatoes, cover it with more cheese and bake it.
Me: That's total carbolicious overload though...you're going to comatose everybody. but DO IT.
S: I'm doin it.

When your real fam doesn't live in the same city, you feel pretty grateful for your second family of tight friendships :)

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